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    Sundby Gård, Huddinge, 08 746 90 91  
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  • sön 06 maj–sön 27 maj

    Konsten att mötas. Tian Gan, China and Sam Schonzeit, USA. // The Art to Meet. Tian Gan, China and Sam Schonzeit, USA Lithos, prints, work-in-progress.

    // Tian Gan: ”With a background in literature, I find myself usually being fascinated by intricate designs that are narrative in some sense, like illustrations to an imaginary short story. Sam Schonzeit: ”For me: It seems that lithography is almost all process. This has been interesting or difficult for me because my work has been so gestural. My process has been deliberately (perhaps) fast and focused on producing objects quickly. However, thinking about it, and engaging in the process has made me aware that I really enjoy the process and its various and overlaid rhythms and such the importance of product becomes more of a component of process as opposed to the goal.

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